Take A Ride In A 1970 Nissan Skyline GT-R

Despite my desperate lobbying and pestering, Nissan did not allow me to drive any of the cars in their terrific collection. While this rejection stung, badly, Nissan was at least nice enough to make two cars available for some short rides in the alleyway behind where the collection was housed. One of which was this stunning first-generation 1970 Skyline GT-R.


The car was driven by an older engineer with pretty limited English, but he knew how to have fun shuttling journalists up and down the alleyway. He'd get it going nice and quick on the runs, and the sound of that 2-liter straight-6 is just perfect.

I hope to get to drive one of these little fighters at some point soon— but until then, riding shotgun with a lead-footed old-school engineer will do just fine.

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