Take A Look At How Jim Glickenhaus Stands Up To Ferrari

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Jim Glickenhaus is pretty much the person that we want to grow up to be. He has the means to not only collect some of the most significant cars of all time, but he also builds his own icons and drives them.

Oh, and he stands up to one of the most celebrated automakers in the world when they get too full of themselves.


Glickenhaus invited Bloomberg into his garage to get a closer look at his cars and go for a ride in the Enzo-based P4/5, which caused a lot of consternation between himself in Ferrari.

But Glick pushed back and got the car badged as a Ferrari. But when Ferrari denied the same rights to the race version, Jim just put his own badge on it and went out to keep winning.

Check out all the details and take a look in his garage below:

Photo Credit: AP Images

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Funny, for all the coverage of the P4/5 over the years, this is the first time I've ever seen Glickenhaus himself. He seems pretty down to earth, for an enormously wealthy director turned investment professional.