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Take A Closer Look At How A 23,000 Pound Truck Gets Air

(Image Credit: Red Bull)
(Image Credit: Red Bull)
Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

The mighty Russian work truck outfit Kamaz has been winning the world’s toughest races in downright ridiculously large vehicles for what feels like forever. Here’s a close look at one of these snow monsters in action.

What you’re seeing here is Kamaz Master team pilot Eduard Nikolaev fucking around on ski moguls in some godforsaken place called Murmansk with the Kamaz 4326. That’s a 23,000 pound 1,000 horsepower cab-over racing rig capable of surviving, well, just about anything.


This certainly isn’t the first gratuitous slow-motion jumping video we’ve seen of one of these, but love how close the camera gets to all the moving metal bits in the truck’s belly here.

Hard to imagine how much of a continuous kidney punch you’d feel running a 5,000-mile race like the Dakar Rally in one of these.

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Here you are... in your turbocharged 600hp Peugeot 405. Flying through the desert at 120mph like you’re hot shit. Out of the corner of your eye, what’s that? 12 tons of fury and you eat his dust.