The Most Expensive Car On Autotrader Is An $8.7 Million Used Mazda 3 

There are a lot of mistakes in online car listings, typically “manual” vehicles that end up having a “PRNDL” by the shifter. But it gets far worse than that, like the fact that the most expensive car listed on Autotrader right now is a nearly $9 million Mazda 3. Yes, it’s a typo, but it’s a glorious typo.

Mazda Kai Concept: If The Next Mazda 3 Looks This Good We Should Throw A Party

Mazda’s been on something of a roll lately when it comes to design, from stuff that you can actually buy like the new CX-5 crossover to things you probably will never get, like the RX-Vision concept. Following in the latter’s footsteps is the Mazda Kai Concept soon to be shown at the Tokyo Motor Show, and Belgian site …