Swedes Torn Between Burly Cars, Cool Earth

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Swedes have long been accustomed to packing their berserker physiques and cases of aquavit into bulky, gas-swilling Volvo wagons and equally thirsty hot-rod Saabs when they hit the Scandinavian road, but that may have to change, according to this article in the Gray Lady. The rest of Yurp is getting all squinchy-faced over Sweden's love of carbon-crazed cars, laying some heavy guilt-trippage on the Swedes, and it may be only a matter of time before Sven och Agnetha are crammed into a new Mitsubishi Minicamino. Hmm... a retro-style Minicamino could be the answer to global warming!


In Sweden, It's Global Warming vs. Big Heavy Cars [New York Times]

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Bah, Volvo could just suck it up and start selling badge-engineered DAFs again. Problem solved.