Europe Considers Banning High Performance Cars

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Sweet George Washington. Looks like the green-toothed, cheese-eating surrender monkeys are saddling up to the hoon-hating Pope. Sorry to revert to silly stereotypes, but this is just lousy. European leaders are in talks with each other discussing the possibility of banning high-powered sports cars on the Continent (and in Great Britain). Why? Global warming. The metric they are working with is that any car capable of going 25% faster than the Euro-norm of 130 kph (about 80 mph) is producing too much CO2. That means that under the proposal, any car that can travel 100 mph will be banned come 2013. Casting aside our hard-won journalistic integrity for a moment, this legislation is so impossibly stupid our head hurts. We once got our old 1.8-liter Sentra shitbox up to 120 mph in Arizona. Luckily, even if this does become law, none of this nonsense will have any legal teeth in Germany (because Germans are awesome), and as Germans make up a large number of the EU members with votes (99 out of 785) hopefully they can beat talk some sense into their insane stuffy friends. Or at least vote early and often. For the record, Jalopnik votes no.


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Global warming as a universal scapegoat? Brilliant! North Korea and Iran are developing nuclear weapons to curb greenhouse gases!

@Xman: They've got plenty of Brilliance BS6s available for your hooning pleasure TODAY!

Also, the Communism thing is bunk. Any Tag Heuer wearing Audi A6L driving Armani Code scented McDonald's franchise owner is going to know that it's simply Marx's Marauders holding their employee peons down.

@anaxomander: You, sir, win one (1) Internet.