This is the Suzuki Alto Works, with a turbo three-cylinder engine, a five-speed manual transmission, and optional all-wheel drive. Soon it will be on sale for about $12,500, just not to you.

Suzuki is very dead here in the United States, so we will not be able to buy this 658cc hot hatchback with a bristling 64 horsepower and 74 lb-ft of torque.


Weight, as Indian Autos Blog reports, wavers between 1,470 and 1,630 pounds (670-740kg).

Pricing starts at 1,509,840 yen, or $12,549 USD at today’s exchange rate. I’d rather have this than a Versa. Wouldn’t you?


At least we’ll be able to buy one in 25 years.


Photo Credits: Suzuki

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