We've been following the progression of Gumpert's Apollo for some time now and exactly like most bespoke hypercars, the specs are beyond reproach while the aesthetics are lousy. Let us amend that to say were lousy. Above is one sexy German! Sure, that's what your Exige would look like after a weekend with Barry Bonds. But so what? Priced well over $400,000, it might as well look like the raddest car you ever scribbled on a Pee-Chee folder. Oh, and those specs? It's got the 4.2-liter V8 from the RS4/R8 with two-turbos hooked up, good for 650 hp (though if you want 800 hp, you can pay for get 800 hp), a 0-60 mph time just below 3 seconds and a top end of... oh let's just say 225 mph. What's the difference anyway? And yeah, if we lived in Monoco it's the only car we'd drive. On Tuesdays. In June. After 3:00 pm.

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