Super Rare Swiss Sedan Crashes Into McLaren 12C

I can't tell you how much a Monteverdi High Speed 375/4 costs, because they're so rare I've never heard of one going to auction. And here's one that just crashed into a McLaren 12C Spider.


This particular Monteverdi 357/4 came from Qatar, and reader Michael explained how it got crashed at the Ault Park Concours in Cincinnati.

A Monteverdi 375/4 (one of 6 owned by the Royal Family of Qatar I believe) had crashed into the back of a brand new McLaren MP4-12C Spider. They were lining up for the awards ceremony when the accident happened. The Monteverdi was having some trouble staying running, so I'm not sure if the driver was trying to keep the engine revved up and accidentally slipped the clutch or if the throttle got stuck, but something went wrong.

Someone's going to have a long flight back to Qatar.

Monteverdi was a short-lived Swiss carmaker that briefly built this four door 375/4 High Speed sedan, the second most expensive car in the world back in the early 1970s.

Like Monteverdi's 375 coupes, the 375/4 sedan had a humongous Chrysler V8 and Chrysler transmission, but the rest of the car was all European. These "High Speed" models came with the 426 Hemi with something around 450 horsepower. The 'hybrid' idea didn't really pan out, and the company went out of business. They did make an estimated 28 copies of this sedan, a good number of which went to the Middle East.


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Meh, he could replace that with a '87 Cressida and be fine.