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The Westfield shopping-mall people annoy us. Every property they acquire has to become a "Westfield Shopping Town," which may work for some podunk palace of crap whose most notable feature is one of the only Chik-fil-A franchises in Northern California, but why would one feel the desire to brand a gilded monument to consumerism as elegant as San Francisco Centre with the declass "Shopping Town" moniker?


Thankfully, there is another Westfield, and they make sports cars that could be subtly referred to as "rather quick." Somewhat the inverse of a shopping town, in fact. And founder Chris Smith has just sold the marque to Potenza Sports Cars Ltd., which is a company we've never heard of. Will Bridgestone sue? I sure did like those RE090s on my Legend...

Westfield Sportscars sold to Potenza [AutoIndustry, UK]

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