Think Global, Drive Local: Westfield's Recycled Mazda Kit Car

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Got a rust-bucket Mazda MX-5, but you really want a Caterham? If you're in the UK, check out Westfield's MX5. The company took the running gear from a used last-gen Mazda and added its own kit body and components to create a kind of, well, Mazderham. But there's a twist to the story. Considering the UK's new "End of Life Vehicle regulations" (an environmental law that requires manufactures to pitch in to recycle old, valueless cars) the company is actually promoting environmental sensitivity. Kit-car building on old platforms, they say, is a form of recycling. We're not sure it'll wash over at Greenpeace, but it sounds like a good enough idea to us.


The Mazda Powered Westfield [Westfield Sports Cars]

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Al Navarro

Bike engine'd sevens are pretty hot, as deman and super seven cars in Canada prove. But another trick set up is the duratec (with cossie fairy dust, if possible) mated to a quaife seqential.

APP...would love to know more what your definition of "interesting" is. Off board if you wish.