We have long maintained that the reason for motorsports getting worse instead of better is the lack of connection between the fan in the stands and the car and driver out on the track. While manufacturers still attempt to employ the old "Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday" strategy through the creative use of vinyl letters conveying what kind of car is out doing the racing, if you have to physically spell-it-out-in-letters for folks then the crucial fan connection is gone. Racing fans like to think that the cars they drove in to watch the race could be tossing up door handles with the hopped up versions on the track. The Toyota Starlets in the parking lot at this race might not have been packing hi-po TRD 4K 1300cc pushrod race engines, but there had to be a few of them out there. Behold angry Toyota Starlets and the fans that loved them circa 1994.

[via KP61.net]

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