Super-Duper Hoonage Potential; Suzuki To Take On WRX & EVO

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Talk about information that makes us happy. Here's the gist; Suzuki is going to have an entry in the 2008 WRC. Due to the rule that exists in the form of homologation, Japan's suddenly upstart automaker has to let us run what they brung. Details are both sketchy and speculative at the moment, but here's what we think we know. The new street rally car will be built off the already impressive SX4 chassis. Unlike the SX4, the new car will feature full-time AWD. The body will resemble the WRC entry above. Power will come from slapping a turbo to the SX4's semi-gutsy 2.0L DOHC unit. How much power? Jump baby, jump!

Teh internets seems a bit confused about the actual output. Australian is claming 150Kw (about 200 horses) while American is quoting 320hp and 470 motherloving foot pounds of rotation! Though, that might only be for the actual rally car. We're guessing that if Suzuki is serious about competing with streetable EVOs, power will be in the 250 to 285hp range. If they're not, then the 150Kw guesstimate is probably closer to the truth. Having driven the SX4, and if the latter is the "truth," we can say with certainty that an extra 60 ponies would be a very, very welcome thing. Suzuki: do it, do it now! 2009 is cool, too. [All praise due to Nino for the tips]


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I just read your review of the SX4, which sounds like a much better car than Aerio it replaces. I for the life of me can't remember the name of cars with random number and letters assigned to it. Even if the Aerio was forgettable, at least its name wasn't.