American Suzuki is 23% More Better in 2006

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We see a lot of press releases around here saying Company X's sales are up or down 3% this past year. But rarely do we read about double digit jumps. And even when we do, they are not this high. ASMC (American Suzuki Motors Corporation) just announced that they sold 23% more rides in 2006 than they did in 2005. In fact, they cracked the 100,000 unit barrier for the first time in their 21-year history. How'd they do it? Lots of people got Forenza's as X-mas gifts, sadly apparently. Also their "100,000-mile, seven-year, fully-transferable, zero-deductible powertrain limited warranty" couldn't have hurt. Most importantly, we just stepped out of their hoony new SX4 and were quite impressed. We're currently chasing down rumors that a WRC turbo version is coming in 2008.

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I have to say, the Suzuki booth was one of my favorites at the Detroit show. It wasn't particularly flashy, but they did a lot with a little. And although it seemed like some sort of SEMA refugee, there was something about the Flix concept that I found much more soulful and charming than most of the other pie-in-the-sky iron displayed by automakers with much bigger budgets. So yeah, I'm kind of rooting for Suzuki. Hell, if they can build a goddamn Hayabusa and a line of Gixxers that are continually scoring rave reviews in the sportbike world, there's certainly talent in that company somewhere. They just need to let it loose more often.