Illustration for article titled Supasse V: Super-Light JDM-Only Compact Sports Car Heads To Toyko

The Supasse V is a Japan-only, compact sports car set to debut at the Toyko Motor Show. It'll sport aluminum and fiberglass construction, a tuned, 270HP Mazda3 MPS mid-mounted engine and a total weight of a delicate 1,874 lbs.


The lightweight car is the first mid-engine car from Supasse, which has made its way by building Lotus 7-like sports cars until now. The new car will use the turbocharged 2.3 liter four cylinder sourced from the Mazda3 MPS and tweak it to provide an additional 10 HP for a total of 270. At 1,874 lbs, it's a featherweight by modern car standards and probably a hoot to drive.


[via Carscoop]

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