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The Sunbeam Tiger was an icon of the 1960s that fit a pattern of its day โ€” that is, British sports cars refitted with Ford V8s, making them into unlikely supercars. Now, the company that once shipped the Tiger and its four-banger brother, the Alpine to the US by the boatload โ€” or a company with rights to that company's name โ€” is aiming for a stateside return. A company called Sunbeam Automotive recently surfaced on the Webosphere, showing off new models: the Tiger (pictured) the Digatto, a more radical roadster, and the Alpine โ€” oddly, not a roadster, but a box-like SUV, and said to be the first model planned for US export, according to the company's Web site. A whois search revealed the owner of the Sunbeam Automotive site to be a company called Nuvano Technologies, LLC, of Dallas, Texas, to which Google says, "beh." Likely its an adjunct company charged with finding US distributors. We'll keep an eye on this one. [Update: Achtung, baby, it's a scam!.]

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