SCAMMED: Sunbeam Comeback Is Crap

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Uh, about that Sunbeam post. Looks like we've stumbled into the Web of an Internet scammer. Thanks to our astute readers, we've identified two of the alleged Sunbeams as relatively obscure bespoke models. The "Tiger" (no, that's not your real name) is actually a Swedish roadster, the Josse Car Indigo 3000, while the "Digatto" is the Slovakia-built K-1 Attack (kitcar) or Attack F-type (turnkey car). We're still working on the Alpine, but we're betting it's not an Alpine. Those who may have been interested in a distributorship should likely keep that checkbook close to the vest. To those miserable fucks who're pulling this, may you be covered in transmission fluid and forced to recite Joyce's "The Dubliners" from back to front. That'll learn ya. [Thanks to Etienne and Chris for the tips.]

Sunbeam May Be Looking for a Comeback in 2006 [internal]


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