Subaru's New 2015 Rallycross Car Is Impossibly Fast

Do you think your car is fast? Forget it. This thing will run from 0-60 in two seconds flat.

Two! Two seconds.

How do you get a car to do that? Well, this thing has very trick all-wheel drive, a six-speed sequential transmission, and a 580 horsepower 2.0 liter boxer engine.


Which 2.0 liter boxer engine is this? Subaru does not say. Let your imagination run wild.

The great people over at Vermont SportsCar (the same people that build and run Subaru’s Rally America cars) built it and Bucky Lasek will be driving this particular example in GRC this year. Sverre Isachsen will be running their second car.

I want one.


Photo Credits: Subaru

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