In 1969, a man was born. His name was John Reis. At the tail end of the 1980s, he formed a band known as Rocket From the Crypt, which would go on to rock the faces off of the masses until their final show on Halloween of 2005. At the tail end of the 1980s, Audi entered two balls-to-the-wall 90s in IMSA GTO competition. The two prime movers behind the wheels were Hurley Haywood (who'd wrangled Porsche's Moby Dick and lived to tell the tale) and Hans J. Stuck. For longer events, the two were supplemented by Scott Goodyear and rally vet Walter R hrl. Displayed somewhat incongruously at the Shanghai Auto Show, this gonzo Stuck/R hrl 90 played bass licks on our grave and left skidmarks on our soul. The next year, after managing second in the manufacturers' standings in GTO in '89, Audi dumped their racing bux into DTM, handing Stuck a championship in the process. We want a ridiculously turbo'd and flared 90 with one final modification: an integrated iPod with the entire RFTC discography on it and a very light sound system that can be heard over the roar of the five-cylinder mill. If one is willingly inducing deafness, we can think of few finer ways to do it.

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