Stripes: Good? (Yes)

Photo: Kristen Lee (Jalopnik)

Some cars have stripes. Some do not. It’s absolutely a matter of personal preference, since we have grudgingly accepted that more stripes do not mean more power. So, which is it—stripes or no stripes?

This is a trick question, by the way, because there is only one acceptable answer: Stripes, always.


Stripes give you a chance to use your creativity. There is a whole world of widths, styles, colors, placement and shapes to choose from. Why have your car look like everyone else’s? Go ham with the stripes.

Especially! Especially when the car in question is definitely not a sports car. I think too many people have this notion in their heads that stripes can only be worn by Mustangs, Ferraris and the like. This is simply not true. Why should the humble commuter car not be allowed to show some flash and flare?


Or even a full-sized luxury cars? Think Cadillac CT6 or an S-Class Mercedes. How great would those look with some kind striping? Maybe running along below the beltline. That’d be dope.


And even... trucks!? I’ve seen Ford Raptors with stripes, but that’s, like, a sporty truck. What about normal trucks, like the Honda Ridgeline? Give that boy an off-center stripe on either its right or left side and then we’d be in business.


Everyone’s so buttoned up and boring now. I look out my window and the cars are mostly white, black or silver. If you had an acid-green stripe on your black car, then I’d forgive you a little more easily.

It’s time to embrace the stripes, people.

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