Step 8: Watch Live Races, Connect To Jalopnik And Listen To Bay Area Punk Rock

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A man cave is more than just a garage, it's a place where you can get away either by yourself or with friends and enjoy the hobby that our busy lives sometimes don't permit. Instead of heading to the nearest sports bar that plays live F1 races in the middle of the night, get yourself a nice big plasma/LCD TV or a nice 1080p HD projector and mate it to a DirectTV service plan of your choosing. We all know that pumping sound out of a TV's stock speaker system is the most miserable thing ever, so make sure to grab a nice 7.1 surround setup to get the most out of your new visual masterpiece.

And because we know you read the internet for the car articles, pick yourself up a cheap little netbook or desktop that you can hook up to your new A/V system so you can keep your obsession with the cult of cars. (Image Via Flickr)


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