Step 7: Men Play Games Too

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Growing up, boys like to play games and those boys eventually turn into men, but that burning desire to sit, relax and play a game has yet to leave the building. No longer are we playing with jacks and marbles or Connect Four, instead we like to sit our asses down and play a game of Madden or a run a couple of races in Forza Motorsport 2. Depending on the size of the garage you've chosen, we're going to suggest that you either pick yourself up a nice dual machine version of Cruisin' USA or even an F355 Challenge machine. You can pick up Midway's finest for around $6000 or 355 Challenge for around $6500 from Primetime Amusements.

For the budget conscious gamer a nice XBOX360 or Playstation 3 should suffice and also always for a greater range of games while simultaneously taking up much less space, meaning there's more room for the toys your new man cave was meant for. (Image Via TeamSpeed)


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