StarChase GPS Tracker Eliminates OJ-Like Chases

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A new piece of police technology will be doing its part to lessen the length of car chases and therefore eliminate the hazards of having a belligerent ex-football player careening down the road in a white Ford Bronco. The StarChase is a device that will mount behind the front grill of any police vehicle. It projects a bullet-looking GPS transmitter to the rear of the vehicle being chased. This allows the police to back off and let the computers do their work tracking the alleged criminal.


Simply wait for the perp to stop somewhere or try to ditch the vehicle and swoop in and bust the guy. You may want to keep the helicopter on the perp, just in case he or she is rocking one of these. [StarChase via OhGizmo!]

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Rob Emslie

@smokyburnout: Typical. You ever try and get one of those "DO NOT MOVE THIS CAR..." stickers off of your windscreen after being booted? Sucks to be a scofflaw.