Paranoid Much? Try The GPS Tracker Defense Device

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With GPS trackers becoming all the rage with overprotective parents, stalkers and jealous exes, it's only appropriate that a company has began manufacturing devices to counteract those GPS tracking devices. A spy-gadget company now has this Anti GPS Tracker available. It plugs into the 12V DC outlet of your vehicle and is capable of blocking GPS signals in a two to five meter radius.


The purpose of this device is to obviously disable any kind of GPS tracking devices that would be hidden somewhere in your vehicle, but we can think of better purposes. This device would provide barrels of fun messing with confused drivers who rely on GPS navigation systems. Surely there has to be a way to boost the range of this device, although we're not too sure the FCC would approve. The Anti GPS Tracker is available for $300. [Coolest-Gadgets]

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Your key to stealing OnStar equiped vehicles. I know the old LoJack didn't use GPS, just the antennas on cop cars, maybe the new ones have GPS.

I've noticed a buch of the new bulldozers and earh moving equipment have some sort of GPS antennas. Could be your own silent protest to suburban spral.