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Stanceworks' Honda-Powered Ferrari 244 GTK Is Done – Kind of

The car did drive into SEMA under its own steam, but there's still a boatload of work to do.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Turbo K24-Swapped Ferrari — It’s DONE! — Full Build Breakdown!

I’ve been following Mike Burroughs from Stanceworks and his Honda-powered Ferrari build for years at this point. It’s been an interesting ride, to say the least, and getting to see the car the week before it was supposed to be at SEMA was a high point of the year for me. Now though, the car is done — kind of.

By kind of, I mean it’s assembled, drivable (mostly), and it drove itself into the SEMA show, which is a damn sight better than many other SEMA builds. Of course, being SEMA done and being ready to rip around a race track are very different things.


To that end, Mike released his debut video for the 244 GTK on Friday going over the thrash required to get the car SEMA complete and what still has to happen for the car to be ready to be driven in anger. Spoiler alert: there’s a lot of work left.

If by some miracle you haven’t seen the car yet, get ready because it’s wild as hell. It’s also been done in a way that exemplifies the idea of function over form, but as was the case with so many great race cars throughout history, the result is still gorgeous.


So, kick back, ignore your boss and zone out for 20 minutes while Mike shows off his pride and joy.