Stabilizing A 41-Meter Rally Jump

Here's Sebastien Ogier's record-breaking 41 meter jump at this year's Rally Sweden, stabilized into a single moving panorama. Here's how it was made.

The_Egg_came_first posted this if on Reddit's r/Rally and r/ImageStabilization. You can see the whole thread right here.

The_Egg_came_first gave a full explanation of how the gif happened, with the inspiration and source also listed.

Downloaded the youtube video with jDownloader.

Converted video to 200 separate JPEG images with After Effects.

Loaded all pictures into Hugin Panorama Creator.

Followed /u/TheodoreFunkenstein's great Tutorial on how to use Hugin and stiched images together (most difficult and time consuming part).

Loaded all correctly aligned images into Photoshop, some more editing, finally exported as gif.

I just went with After Effects and Photoshop because I had them installed and know how to use them. I'm sure there are many free tools you could use instead.


It might not be as mind-bending as that ski jump stabilization, but it's still pretty awesome!

(Hat tip to NoahthePorscheGuy!)

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