SSC Ultimate Aero TT Is The Fastest Car In The World

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The facts are coming in fast and loose, but here's what we know: At around 9:00 am (PST), an 1,183 hp SSC Ultimate Aero TT driven by Rick Doria Chuck Bigelow made two passes, one at 257 mph the other at 254 mph — they're averaging 'em at 255 mph. The official record held by the Koenigsegg CCX is 242 mph. The unofficial record held by the Veyron is 253.4 mph. This makes the American car the official champ. USA! USA! More details when we get 'em. Related posts here and here.




@Atelier: A Veyron will last forever? Right, which is why when Robb Report tested it half the drivers didn't even get a ride because the tranny overheated and ceased to work properly. A standard issue V8? You obviously haven't been around cars long enough to understand something called "Detonation". Do you have any idea how difficult it is to make 1183 horses on a 6.3L V8 without resorting to strictly race fuel or an Alcohol Injection system? Sure, VW threw alot of money at that problem and made it go away by using twice as many cylinders and a mammoth displacement, but how is that engineering? SSC used their ingenuity to overcome the problem without the near-unlimited funds of a major corporation. In my opinion, SSC has obtained a greater achievement than VW by doing more with less.