Once Again: The SSC Ultimate Aero TT Is Set To Break Production Car Speed Record

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Bugatti, the end is nigh, maybe. Those lovable scamps over at Shelby SuperCars are poised to break the production car speed record (242 mph) currently being held hostage somewhere in Sweden by Koenigsegg. The unofficial production-car speed record of 253 mph is, of course, safe and sound somewhere in the German French Alps. This time out, SSC has enlisted the help of the Guinness Book of World Records to properly sanction their attempt. To set the record, the 1,183 horsepower Ultimate Aero TT must go really frigging fast in one direction, flip a bitch and then come rocketing back along the same road within one hour's time. The two speeds will be averaged to establish the official v-max. SSC will be commandeering a public highway in their home state of Washington and employing the services of Dewetron (they measure the speed of missiles), which will be using between 4 and 12 satellites to track the Ultimate Aero's run. To refresh your memories, last time out, the TT hit 241.4 mph at a driver-reported "71 percent throttle." I know I speak for everyone at Jalopnik when I say that we expect 110 percent throttle this time out. As for when, the press release doesn't say. Regardless, good luck boys. The full press release and an offer from SSC after the jump.


From the man with the very best name on planet earth, Junus Khan, "SSC is launching its 250 MPH Club which offers a variety of insider information. One lucky member from the 250 MPH Club will be selected at random to be flown in to SSC for a day of driving and spending time with Jerod Shelby, the owner of SSC." Good luck to you, dear reader: http://www.shelbysupercars.com/

Press Release:

SSC Ultimate Aero TT Charging

Towards 'World Fastest Production Car' Record

WEST RICHLAND, WA (1 Aug 2007) - Shelby SuperCars (SSC), manufacturer of the world's most powerful production car, the Ultimate Aero TT, announced today that speed testing for the title "World's Fastest Production Car" will be finalized by the end of August. Speed testing is being conducted in the company's home state of Washington and is being validated by Guinness World Records.

There is a standard procedure outlined by Guinness World Records to validate a land speed record. The vehicle must drive the predetermined course, turn around, and drive back the opposite way within one hour. This is to negate any discrepancy there may be in the course or conditions. Top speeds from each run are then averaged to obtain the official speed. This method has been used for decades as the benchmark for land speed record attempts.

Dewetron, a company known for performance testing of missile, train, aerospace, and automotive capabilities will accurately monitor and measure the speed of the Ultimate Aero TT for the record run. Dewetron's equipment is precise that Guinness World Records approved their systems as a replacement for the standard 1,000m laser traps. Dewetron utilizes 4-12 satellites and numerous onboard sensors to track a vehicle's speed.

The lack of access to a US-based proving ground able to accommodate the Ultimate Aero TT's top speed presented SSC with a massive challenge. After scouring the country for months, SSC found the solution in their home state of Washington when they were granted the opportunity to close public highways for testing. Finding appropriate roads eligible for closure proved to be a tedious process as SSC's teams scouted the sites first hand. After a potential site was identified, the company would need to apply for a road closure permit. Hiring police, a crew to man the closed section, and securing insurance for the high-speed test sessions were just a few of the undertakings necessary to be granted the rare closure of public roads.

Since the first test session, SSC has successfully concluded several rounds of high-speed safety and durability testing for each assembly of the Ultimate Aero TT. During these sessions, SSC was able to verify all the engineering specifications as well as aerodynamic data posted at NASA's Langley wind tunnel. Throughout the test sessions, the measured top speed of the Ultimate Aero TT continued to rise, achieving a speed of 241.4 mph at a throttle position of only 71% during the latest transmission durability test. After reviewing all test data, Jerod Shelby and the SSC engineering team feel comfortable in maximizing the capabilities of the 1183 hp Ultimate Aero TT.

For more information on SSC and the upcoming test session visit their new site at www.sscautos.com or contact Motorcars of Las Vegas, the exclusive US dealer for SSC vehicles (www.MotorCarsLV.com).



I watched James May driving 253 mph in a Veyron. Csaba Csere also did it. I have no doubt that if they set up an official test, it would have no trouble setting the official record.

SSC's building a car for the sole purpose of breaking another car's speed record...whoop dee-freakin' doo.

I'll only be impressed if the Aero TT turns out to be more reliable, durable, and drivable than the Veyron...not bloody likely.