SRT Asks How We Can Desire A Machine More Than A Person

SRT (you might remember them as part of Chrysler, but now it's sort of its own brand, even though everything except for the Viper is really just a hot version of another Dodge or Chrysler or Jeep, so just go with it) just debuted this ad campaign explaining what it really means to love the motor vehicle.

When I was growing up, I remember looking forward to the day I could get my driver's license more than anything else. More than the first day of summer, more than college, more than my next breath. It was what every child wants – freedom.

The company seemed to capture this perfectly, all with the tones of David Foster Wallace or the voice of Chuck Palahniuk. It's definitely different from most other ad campaigns out there, but for some reason this one should speak to Jalops a bit more than the Dude talking about Hyundai warranties.


Plus, the Viper at the end doesn't hurt.

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It was nice, but if they would have changed the tone of the music at the very end it would have had a better effect. The viper driving on the course with the tinkering music could have been played up a bit more. Cool ad though, people will definitely pay attention to this one.