What David Foster Wallace Can Teach You About Traffic

David Foster Wallace was a novelist and writer with an interesting view on life. He wanted all of us to think not about how we get up, get in a car, go to work, get in a car, and go to sleep again. He wanted us to really consider everything that happens in between, and how we are all small fish in a big pond.

Originally excerpted from a commencement address he gave at Kenyon College three years before he died, the "This is Water" speech has now been turned into a wonderful little film by marketing firm The Glossary. It teaches a large amount about perspective, about our common humanity, and how most people really do all just want the same thing.


It can teach us that when we're driving along the road of our daily lives, we should consider those other drivers. Wallace doesn't say it, but we should always remember that we are not stuck in traffic, we are traffic.

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