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Can't say I'm surprised to see SRT dead and the Viper called a Dodge again. It's like everything is right with the (car) world.


SRT just didn't make sense, but here's a shot at explaining the logic.


Dodge calling SRT it's own brand is like McDonald's deciding to call Big Mac it's own restaurant. So dumb, glad its over, lets move on.



Actually, when I think about it, it would be more like calling the toppings (lettuce, pickles, cheese, etc) or whether it's a combo their own brand.

Because the way I see it, you have Make > Model > Trim... So if you translate Dodge > Viper > SRT into the world of McDonald's, you have McDonalds > Big Mac > Topping/Combo.

So I say that we should make "Happy Meal" a standalone brand!

Whatever, as long as you still get a toy and not something lame like crayons.

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