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The Viper Is Once Again A Dodge And The SRT Brand Is Dead

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Chrysler's experiment of making SRT it's own brand and making the Viper its halo car is done. SRT and the SRT-branded Viper are dead. Long live the Dodge Viper.

Today at Chrysler's huge future product plan news conference, it was announced that SRT would go from being a standalone brand to being included within Dodge as it's performance halo brand.


And with no SRT brand to exist anymore, that leaves the Artist Formerly Known as the SRT Viper without a home. Thankfully, Chrysler is welcoming back the Viper into the Dodge fold. Even if it isn't selling well, there is still a refresh planned for mid-year 2015. Hopefully this reignites the flame under the storied car.


But what does this mean for Ralph Gilles, SRT's CEO, and cars like the Cherokee and 300 SRT? The picture should become clearer as Chrysler's presentation continues.