Here's the new SRT Viper, teased for the last time before its debut at this week's New York Auto Show. It looks surprisingly like last year's bubble-topped Zagato TZ3 Stradale, Italy's own interpretation of the Viper formula.

The TZ3 Stradale was built off of the old Viper ACR, complete with that car's 611-horsepower, 8.4 liter V10. It was a strangely American tribute to the all-Italian sports racers of Alfa Romeo's postwar glory years in the 1960s. Zagato even billed the TZ3 Stradale as the "first American Alfa Romeo."

Now the Italian/American exchange has come full circle, with the new SRT Viper getting a healthy dose of Italian styling. Is all this hybridization a good thing, or should the Viper stay looking corn-fed American, whatever that means?

(Hat tip to Enginerrrrrrrrr!)