SRT Viper Teases Once More Before It Slithers Out

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Here's the new SRT Viper, teased for the last time before its debut at this week's New York Auto Show. It looks surprisingly like last year's bubble-topped Zagato TZ3 Stradale, Italy's own interpretation of the Viper formula.


The TZ3 Stradale was built off of the old Viper ACR, complete with that car's 611-horsepower, 8.4 liter V10. It was a strangely American tribute to the all-Italian sports racers of Alfa Romeo's postwar glory years in the 1960s. Zagato even billed the TZ3 Stradale as the "first American Alfa Romeo."

Now the Italian/American exchange has come full circle, with the new SRT Viper getting a healthy dose of Italian styling. Is all this hybridization a good thing, or should the Viper stay looking corn-fed American, whatever that means?


(Hat tip to Enginerrrrrrrrr!)

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I never thought the Viper to be an entrance into aesthetic excellence, but rather a bit of triple bacon cheeseburger with Jack Daniels saws. That's why I liked it, for what it looked like it wanted to do, rather than just what it looked like.

I find some cars impossibly pretty, and inevitably I'd just drive them to pretty places and attempt to wear out my camera on them.

The Viper made me want to find a road with a high speed limit and lots and lots of stop signs, just so that I could play "Will it kill me or get me arrested?" as many times as possible before the legally disruptive or mortally gruesome finish.

Is this new one going to be pretty? I hope so, but don't really care.

I just want it to have more power than in any way necessary and a "Traction Control Off" button.