At the age of 17, becoming a cancer patient is the last thing on almost anyone's agenda. That's a time for high school sports, class projects, and hooning the crap out of old beaters.


Freddy, a 17-year-old lad from Texas, wasn't so lucky and ended up with cancer. But despite his misfortune, he's enjoyed the support of the South Central Texas Viper Club, the Your Ride is Here Foundation, and none other than SRT president and designer Ralph Gilles. They all teamed up to give him a ride in 2013 SRT Viper.

According to the Viper Club of America Forum, Freddy loves Vipers, so we hope that when the cameras weren't rolling, they gave him a taste of what that sucker can do.

These cars are scary fast, which sounds like just the thing to take someone's mind off of an unfortunate illness for a while. After all, smiles are a temporary cure for most ills.


Click through the gallery for a healthy dose of the viper goodness Freddy was prescribed. (Hat tip to Matt!)

Photo credit: Viper Club of America

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