Spyker Is Selling Bonds So It Can Build The B6 Venator

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Poor Spyker. All the tiny maker of crazy-yet-beautiful sports cars tried to do was save Saab. That's got them in a bit of trouble while they try and put the stunning B6 Venator into production. So they've started the Spyker Venator Bonds. Hey, it's better than cologne.


While Lamborghini, and other brands, think you'd like to be doused in smells that have nothing to do with cars, Spyker is offering 100 bonds for £100,000 in order to raise capital to get the Venator built. In exchange, those who buy bonds will get their own "unique Spyker B6 Venator chassis number."


Spyker says it hopes to raise £20 million so that it can get the B6 Venator into production due to "unexpectedly high demand," although they haven't said how many names are on the order list for the mid-engined, V6-powered sports car. They do anticipate to start production for European and Asian markets this year, with the U.S. receiving cars next year.

Still, it's way better than a Ferrari-branded keychain.

Photo: Spyker Cars