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So while the initial Spyker cars have been motivated by Audi powertrains, the latest rumor is that Ferrari is set to power their F1 cars. What's more, there're whispers to the effect (and we haven't talked to anyone from Spyker about this) that the outr Peking-to-Paris SUV may be powered by a Ferrari V12, rather than the VW/Audi W12. Abu Dhabi's Mubadala Development Company owns 17% of Spyker and 4% of the Prancing Horse, so this could be legit. What's more, for 2008, F1 constructors will be able to build complete cars for other teams, which could make Spyker Ferrari's #2 works team. While the current C8 sounds like a deity rocking the Isky Five-Cycle grind, imagine that sucker with a 430 motor in it. Humina.

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