Spyker Officially Goes Formula Onenning

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As if the prior press release hadn't basically made it a sure shot, Spyker has announced their purchase of the Midland Formula One operation, which, if you hadn't been paying attention (and we kind of don't blame you), used to be Jordan. So now Victor Muller and Michiel Mol are taking on Bernie's group of track-blasting berzerrlionaires as the other exotic-car manufacturer on the circuit. Pretty goddamn ballsy for a company that's been around for less than a decade. Plus, it's weird, on a personal level, for one of Los Jalopniks to know an F1 team owner on a first-name basis. To come? Pot-leaf-weave carbon fiber, hemp firesuits and rear wing stickers instructing that competing drivers should only pass the Dutchies on the left hand side. Good luck, boys.

Spyker Angling to Buy Midland F1 Team [Internal]


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