Spy Photos: We Get All Sub-Bukowski, Lehmann Gets New Corolla

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We just walked down to the bodega for Doritos, Perrier and smokes. While we walked, we thought about a girl who went for a bad bleach job to apparently be something other than the sexy brunette who cracked our shit up. We thought about another brunette who had a ridiculous bleach job and was having an affair with a married man when we met. We still find her ridiculously charming in all her awkward, elegant fumbling.

Especially because she repaired her car with caution tape. And all of this thinking, combined with Gary Floyd alternating with Grant Hart in our head, meant that by the time we got to the corner, our eyes were daring the bro-ham in the bad sunglasses in the Toyota Tacoma to run us down. He totally balked and even looked apologetic for jumping the gun on a left turn. Women. Can't live with 'em, can't throw yourself in front of a truck because of 'em. That's why you should look at the new Corolla. And then throw yourself under it. The test drive won't even give a care.


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