Limited-Edition Supercharged Corolla for the UK

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Our friends in the UK don't only have Galaxy bars, warm beer and bangers and mash to hang over our heads, they've also got hot hatchbacks. And Toyota's new, limited-edition supercharged Corolla looks to be one of the hotter among them (for the money). Only 250 of these Corolla Compressor models will be built, selling for 19,995 apiece, or eleventy gillion dollars per (around $35,500). Toyota has tweaked the stock T-Sport 1.8-liter VVTL-i mill to produce 215 brake horsepower, making 60 mph arrive in a sprightly 6.9 seconds and extending top speed to 143mph. The cars go on sale 1 November, so be sure to pack the pup tent and arrive a few days early, mates.

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