Spy Photos: The 2008 Corvette...Now With LS3!

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Just because the new Corvette LS3's not expected to be unveiled until Saturday, doesn't mean you don't deserve to see it early. Luckily some shots have already snuck out of Bowling Green of what looks to be the new engine for the 2008 big bad-ass from the bargain brand at the General. A poster over at DigitalCorvettes did the dirty work to show us the rumored 430 hp engine that we've heard will be the new standard for the '08 Corvette. It's no "Corvette SS," but whatevs. Anyway, we'll just let you look at the new n' pretty five-spoke wheels and the big side-bolstered red leather seats, and we'll try to get you more as soon as we get it into our sweaty paws.


08 LS3!!! Pics!!! [DigitalCorvettes via Autoblog]

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