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Spy Photos: Mistubishi Evo X

When Mitsubishi showed off the Prototype-X at the Detroit show (gallery below as a reminder) a couple of months ago, everyone and their brother knew it was nothing more than a thinly-disguised Lancer Evo X, or at least we all thought that's what it was. The only problem is that since Detroit, we've seen precious little spy photography of the next-gen Evo, so we can't do much more than speculate that's the case. But lucky for you, the first spy photos since Detroit appear to have come in the form of a video, and it appears that...well...umm...yeah, we still can't make heads or wing of it as it's a really heavily camo'ed prototype. But yeah, the shaky vid's above, see if there's something your eagle-eyes can discern. While you're doing that, we're going to go over to D.O.C. and see if we can check into that Lasik thing.


VIDEO: Autoblog reader runs down Mitsubishi EVO X mule on public roads [Autoblog]

SUPER DETROIT UNVEILING POTENTIAL! Turbo Specialty Sports Sedan: Prototype X [internal]


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Al Navarro

I'm going to call BS on this as an acutal "user generated content" clip. The Brubeck/Mangione mashup, the shakey cam, the supers...just a little too "just so". And it's posted by a "director" level YouTuber.

Yeah, I kind of have a problem with all of that. Sincerity and genuine

Unlike that crazy desert drift crash that you guys took down yesterday...that shiz was way too real. Those guys were most certainly badly, if not fatally, injured.