SUPER DETROIT UNVEILING POTENTIAL! Turbo Specialty Sports Sedan: Prototype X

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The 4G63 is dead. Long live the 4G63! Mitsubishi unveiled the Prototype X concept today alongside the 2008 Lancer. Both cars will be powered by the aluminum-block 4B11, but in a nod to its imminent future as the new Evo, the Concept X rocks a turbocharger for optimal boost-crazed amusement. Also prominently featured is a flappy-paddle torque-converter-free automated manual, which will be an option over the 5-speed manual. And, for the first time in North America, the Evo will feature the Active Yaw Control rear differential. Plus, it looks much better than the current model. The package sounds good. We'll continue to pray that it won't suck. Meanwhile, check the gallery for Lancer GSR sweetness.


Mitsubishi Releases Evo Sketch Ahead of Detroit Unveiling [Internal]

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