Spy Photos: Mercedes E-Class

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Was ist das? Under that evil cladding is the Mercedes W212 E-Class, due early next decade after an intro at the 2009 Frankfurt show, say spies. They also say the new model will flaunt a familial resemblance to the S-Class, with appropriate fender blisters and nasal-y front intakes. Under the E-Class's new skin will beat the heart of a cyborg. Roadway precision will be strictly enforced via driver-assistance features like lane-departure warning, retinal tracking, traffic-sign identification, road-condition sensors, and smart stability control that crunches data from crosswinds and tire wear.

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You know, with all of this computing power, and the race to integrate cars with satellite communication systems, remote diagnostics, electonically controlled steering, throttle control and braking systems, cameras, proximity sensors, etc. I'm beginning to wonder if we should start building Asimov's three rules into cars. We could be setting ourselves up for a Skynet like takeover.

I for one will welcome our new automotive overlords.

That said, seems aweful early to have mules running around with enough production intent to warrant so much cladding... could those release date figures be wrong?