Spy Photos: 6-Door Ford F-150 Mule

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The boys and girls over at PickupTruck.com believe this mule's showing off a potential next-gen 2009 feature of the F-series truck — a tertiary set of doors into the cargo bed. It wouldn't be the first time an automaker's shown off a feature like this, as they've Chevy's shown the Cheyenne concept before. But given the very public setting these shots were supposedly taken, it certainly would be a weird way to show the world how the next-gen pickup's going to be built Ford tough. Click through for more pics and more deets from the experts. We're going to go and try to figure out what could be more suburban mom than a set of grocery doors in the side of a pickup truck.

Spied: 6-Door Ford F-150 Mule [PickupTruck.com]

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