Spy Photos: 2009 Ford F-150 Mules

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Apparently FoMoCo's pushing up the dev cycle on their next refresh of their bread n' butter full-size haulers. According to the boys at the curvaceous Road, the next gen look will first appear on the 2009 model year of the F-150. They've paid for procured some pictures of a bunch of franken-mules running around town, the most notable of which hints at a very "Dave"-like Gillette Fusion three-bar front end. They've got nothing else but speculation on what the rest of the sheet metal will look like, but by all means — that's what spy photos are supposed to be for, right?

Next-Generation Ford F-150 Prototypes Spotted!! [Winding Road]

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