Spy Photos: 2008 Toyota Matrix? 2008 Pontiac Vibe? We Report, You Decide

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Sometimes a spy photog gets a bit too confident in what they think they're seeing — and sometimes forget that they've got a heavily camo'ed concept sitting in front of them — and really, as is the case here, who really knows what the hell it is. Edmunds and other sites are reporting the shots they've got are of the 2008 Pontiac Vibe — including a "high-performance" version. We've no idea how someone would know that just from these pics, but whatevs, we'd buy it if an "authority" told us that. Another authority on the subject's got their own take on the picture:

"...aint no way this is a Pontiac...it has toyota camo...more likely this is the matrix. It doesn't have certain things a GM proto would have, plus that's the exact same [camo material] toyota uses. It sounds silly, but the camo tells me all I need to know."


So, what is it? Is it the 2008 Pontiac Vibe? Is it the 2008 Toyota Matrix? Who the hell knows — we can't see shit — it looks like a shoe wrapped in a plastic bag to us.

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