Spec It Up! Toyota Matrix M-Theory

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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Fans of the Toyota Matrix — you must know who you are — will likely be overjoyed with the model's new M-Theory package for the 2007 model year. With all-wheel drive and Matrix XRS models getting the axe for '07, the company's filling the higher-spec gap with a sport edition it hopes will pull down the average age of Matrix buyers from around 48 to somewhere in the high 46s.


The M-Theory package includes Speedway Blue paint with matching rear deck lid spoiler, chrome exhaust tip, 17" Caldina alloys under P215/50R17s, tuned suspension with sport strut tower brace, four wheel disc brakes, logo floor mats, and an individually numbered limited edition plaque (collect em' all!). Only 2,500 units will be built, at a package cost of $1,500 over the Matrix's base MSRP of $15,260 with five-speed manual or $17,570 for the XR with four-speed automatic.

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The Matrix is getting nearly as old as its average buyer age! I had a station wagon (gasp!) when the Matrix first appeared in the US market, so naturally I test drove it in various forms, found the AWD model to be a sloth and the XRS model to be rather fun, but it wasn't for me and I bought a large coupe from General Motors instead. The Matrix is sorely in need of replacement, which hopefully will come next year...or whenever Toyota gets around to finishing its new Corolla platform. *Stupid delays.* So what if the new Civic looks edgier than the Corolla, the Corolla has been tamer design-wise for the last ten years anyway. But I guess delays aren't just for the General anymore.