Spy Photos: 2008 Jeep Liberty To Get Fabric Roof?

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According to the folks so in love with Mopar, they're Allpar, the 2008 Jeep Liberty spy shots from the other day that I positively orgasmed over were missing a shot from a very key direction — up top. Here's why, according to spy shot mistress, Brenda Priddy:

The photos above were shot at street level and may have overlooked one of the most interesting features that will be offered on the new Liberty: A huge retractable fabric roof! When we first started inquiring about the upcoming Liberty, our sources seemed to switch subjects and asked us if we saw the ASC Cosmos Hummer H3 that was shown...

...at the 2006 NAIAS. With that in mind, our focus on a camouflaged Liberty was from above, paying special attention to the roof. And sure enough, the roof had unique camouflage covering what apparently is Jeep's biggest secret: a fabric roof system, which will put the Liberty in a class of its own.


Hmm, interesting. I'm not so sure how I feel about a fabric — and what looks to be retractable — roof. But we're sure of one thing, we'll stay on top of the situation. Ha, I slay me.

The Jeep Liberty for 2008 (new! October 20 - fabric roof! See photos below) [Allpar via AutoBlog]


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