Spy Photos: 2008 Jeep Liberty

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Our boys at the site that's all mopar, all the time have posted pics of what they're claiming is the newly redesigned 2008 Jeep Liberty. And the pictures, I must say, have my heart all aflutter. It looks as though, if these shots are to be believed, the folks at the German-American hybrid have gone all Cherokee/Commander on the front end of Jeep's little Lib — eschewing the bubble-face and bubble-butt of past iterations of the made-for-off-road SUV. True, it'll probably still get horrid gas mileage, but if this little Jeep keeps looking this fine, you totally know I'll be looking to snag one when the lease on the current ol' and busted comes up in two years.

The Jeep Liberty for 2008 [Allpar]

Spy Photos: 2008 Jeep Liberty [internal]

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The very reason I didn't go from my first Jeep (a Cherokee) to a Liberty was because the thing looked like the 4WD equivalent of safety scissors. Say what you want about Renault being involved with the Cherokee, but that thing looked the way a Jeep is supposed to. Kudos to DCX for realizing the same, even if it is, like, six years after the fact.