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This may be the first time we've ever heard a Ford Focus described with words like this:

"Both the new coupe and sedan (also captured here) get some interesting detailing to the side panels, with a bold character line that sweeps up from the front wheel well to the cars' beltlines, and on to the rear deck."

Hell, it's the first time we've heard the word "bold" used to describe any product at FoMoCo, but yeah, that's right, you heard The Car Connection, FoMoCo's making some bold character lines...hell, at least it's a move of some kind, right? No other details other than the spy pics from TCC, but all we're wondering is — what's up with the Toyota-like grill-age they've got going on — why's it look like there's been some kind of a change to the "Hi, I'm Dave!" look? Oh noes, Peter Horbury, say it ain't so!

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